The One Hour Project -Mobile App

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Non Profit
Above / Home tab of One Hour Project app.

The brief

This is a community initiative to make volunteering “smarter” and enable more people to try and take the first step in volunteering – one hour and one city at a time.

The pain points

> Lots of people want to do charity works but very often they don't know where & how to start or have lot of time to commit.
>  Each NGO (Non-governmental Organisation) has a separate website, campaign, it will be harder for people to follow.

Above / Early sketch of the app.

Design language

As the target audience is young busy working adults, we decided to use lot of rounded elements with the combination of emojis & vibrant colors, we believe that will help to make the app more attracting & fun to use.

Above / Onboarding screens.
Above / Login screen (Left) & Sign up for volunteer (Right) screens.
Above / About (Left) & Profile screen (Right) screens.
Above / All the action sheets across the app.


The prototype was used in the user testing, also to get internal feedbacks from management team & to see the overall flow of the app. You can check it out using this link: