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Above / The story builder page.

About Nugit

Nugit is a Singapore based storytelling startup that provides automatic data analytics and visualisations at scale.

Above / The team at Nugit. In case you can't tell, Im the 4th one from the right 😆
Sticky notes wall (First) & Planning section with team (Second) & Present new design concept(Last)

My role at Nugit

Part of my role is to create new visualisations per customer request. Beyond traditional charts, we also provide infographics. The biggest challenge is how to keep the data easy to understand & visually simple, yet providing useful insights at the same time.

Above / Part of the visualisation library of Nugit.

I was also in-charge of designing new features & maintaining the design system of Nugit.

Data Factory page (Top) & Privacy settings for team page (Bottom).
Above / Connect an integration to Nugit.
Above / All dropdown menu accross the app.

During my tenure, I also helped Nugit design its own unique icons library, moving them beyond Google's Material icons which were previously used.

Above / Part of the icons library of Nugit.

I also created illustrations for clients, based on their requirements.

Illustration I did for one of our client Maxus Australia (Top) & Illustration for an event of Nugit in Sydney (Bottom).
Specific nugits created for our clients.

The outcome

The new platform received more positive feedbacks since we shifted the focus to the report (multiple thumbnail preview) instead of one column thumbnail layout & the workflow got better for B2B clients, we managed to rolled out more nugits to address some specific needs for enterprise clients. We also managed to bring more bigger companies to use our platform, Johnson & Johnson, Safino, Linkedin, Kelloggs to name a few.

david sanderson

David Sanderson

Founder & CEO, Nugit
Giving a creative challenge to Giang means it's as good as done, and done on time. He works hard and gives a shit, treating the project like it's his own.