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Above / The listing details page of Ninja Easy.

The brief

With the recent development into a new market, Ninjavan asked me to create a web/mobile platform that allows consumers to leverage Ninja Van’s last mile logistics capabilities and cash-on-delivery collection capabilities. The target audience is young people who leverage social media platforms to sell their items.

Above / Early sketches of the web version (Top) & The final wireframe contains about 120+ screens (Bottom)

Design language

Since a bigger portion of the target audience is using Android, we decided to build our own design language based on Material design. While we tried to keep it simple, we also did modified some of the components to make it not too "Google".

Top - Onboarding page (left) & Listing details page(right) / Bottom - Delivering Status page (left) & To Ship page (right).
Above / List of icons using for the app.


Waiting for delivery is never a fun part, that's why I decided to turn my attention to this piece of animation. This was done in After Effect & exported to code with Lottie.

Final micro-interaction (top) & After Effect WIP (bottom).


The prototype was used in the user testing, also to get internal feedbacks from management team & to see the overall flow of the app. You can check it out using this link:

ridzwan aminuddin

Ridzwan Aminuddin

Former Senior Product Manager, Ninjavan
I worked with Giang on a multi platform solution that Ninja Van was developing. Giang was tasked to deliver a cross device platform that had a consistent UX built upon material design that would resonate with a particular persona of individuals. Giang delivered immaculate high quality work, was timely, communicated extremely well and exceeded my expectations in many areas especially so in his ability to design and layouts that would work with my specific use cases while still retaining simplicity and familiar ux layouts. I look forward to continually working with Giang in future. He is detail oriented and a model UX professional.