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Overview tab (Left) & News tab (Center) & Analysis tab (Right) of stock details page.

The brief

DrWealth is a Singapore based fintech/education company, that required an intuitive web/mobile app for users. We helped improve design and simplified the research/monitoring process of investors.

The process

We develop the design by using the double diamond process, to ensure we identify and address the challenges and achieve successful outcomes.

Above / Double diamond diagram


To ensure we provided the level of usability required, we conducted user research. We invited a group of investors to participate, and split them into two groups, based on years of experience: Aspiring investors & Active investors. This experiment enabled us to find tailor the product features of the MVP.

Dry run with team (First) & Running through the data (Second) & Discussing key features with client (Las)
Above / The journey of an investor.

Key pain points

Aspiring investors:
Often get overwhelmed with the sea of information available online.
This poses a challenge for them in the decision-making process for their first investment.

Active investors:
Significant effort is required to update their portfolio trackers.
Require multiple platforms to follow news, and manually calculate/verify ratios with annual reports.

Above / Our ideation session.
Above / Early sketches of the app (Top) & The final wireframe contains about 160+ screens (Bottom)


We designed an app that allows investors to easily:
- Track stock markets and choose which news sources & analysts they want to follow
- Assess stocks based on category and criteria
- Customise their own metrics/ratios according to their plan/strategies.

Above / Customise financial metrics screen (Left) & Financial metrics section (Right).

Evolving the design language

We helped build out an upgraded visual guideline. By carefully defining each component in the app, we were able to simplify complex and dense information, visually. This helped solve the challenge of streamlining data for investors.

Customise sources, Edit watchlist screen (Top) & Create alert, Notification screens(Bottom)
The web version of the app.


As illustrations are a core part of DrWealth's branding, we created a set of illustrations for their use, according to their brand guidelines.

Design implementation

We used an 8pt grid system & Zeplin to ensure each component was implemented correctly.

The outcome

The platform was launched around late May 2020 & received a lot of positive feedbacks from the community, there was more than 400 people attended the launch webinar.

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Kiat Lim

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There's definitely one word I can describe him: FAST. Aside from eating super fast during lunch, Giang is also super fast in his work, putting together screens and interfaces that of high quality and quantity. Giang is also savvy with front-end development so you'll be sure that the screens are buildable. He also has a great personality to work with, chill, responsible, flexible, friendly, super nice. Great guy!