My name
is Giang.

Currently I'm a lead product designer based in 🇸🇬. Nice to meet you all!

DrWealth - Web/Mobile App


Ninjavan -Web/Mobile App


The One Hour Project - Mobile App

the one hour project

Nugit -
Web App

kiat lim

Kiat Lim | IxDA Singapore
There's definitely one word I can describe him: FAST. Aside from eating super fast during lunch, Giang is also super fast in his work, putting together screens and interfaces that of high quality and quantity. Giang is also savvy with front-end development so you'll be sure that the screens are buildable. He also has a great personality to work with, chill, responsible, flexible, friendly, super nice. Great guy!
david sanderson

David Sanderson

Founder & CEO, Nugit
Giving a creative challenge to Giang means it's as good as done, and done on time. He works hard and gives a shit, treating the project like it's his own.
ridzwan aminuddin

Ridzwan Aminuddin

Former Senior Product Manager, Ninjavan
I worked with Giang on a multi platform solution that Ninja Van was developing. Giang was tasked to deliver a cross device platform that had a consistent UX built upon material design that would resonate with a particular persona of individuals. Giang delivered immaculate high quality work, was timely, communicated extremely well and exceeded my expectations in many areas especially so in his ability to design and layouts that would work with my specific use cases while still retaining simplicity and familiar ux layouts. I look forward to continually working with Giang in future. He is detail oriented and a model UX professional.

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